Never forget to water your garden again with an automated drip system

Last summer I spent many mornings watering my garden, plants, and lawn with a garden hose. On the hottest, driest days I was up at 6 AM, walking around in a daze getting everything soaked. During one record-breaking heatwave, we were out of town on vacation and when I returned I found a slightly dried out lawn and… » 6/06/05 9:22am 6/06/05 9:22am

Better Ta-da Lists thanks to greasemonkey

Ta-Da Lists, the free to-do list site previously mentioned here is a great way to keep track of your daily workload. The Ta-da Lists application is fairly streamlined, offering basic to-do list functionality stripped of many features. Rich Manalang recently worked up a script to increase the usability, adding the… » 6/01/05 2:42pm 6/01/05 2:42pm